GroSkool 2.0: Garden Size / Plant Size

Let’s pause for a moment and take our bearings.


We are studying how to grow enough cannabis for our house in a now-or-soon-to-be legal 6 plant / 3 showing flowers, garden. The small number of plants means the plants must present as many budding sites as possible. Stress training is our route to maximizing the number of budding sites on our plants.

Do not lose sight of the fact that we must still fit all our plants under and as close as we can to our light source. Our She-Hulk plants must be assembled to take maximum advantage of the light. We are assembling a 3-D jigsaw puzzle that, being alive, is constantly changing shape.

The faculty and staff here at GroSkool believe cannabis should be grown under sunshine. No expensive electricity is used or required when growing outside. The single largest cost to growing cannabis today is the power to run lights and cooling systems. That cost ain’t cheap and it directly impacts the cost of the final product. We can discuss impact on quality at another time.

Our re-legalized future will likely allow outdoor growing as long as the plants are not obvious (read “visible”) to passers-by. Do we want our plants to be visible? Do you have some friends who are sketchy, at best? That won’t change when it’s legal to grow. It’s best to use discretion.

If you presently live where you will be living when re-legalization arrives on your street, start studying your environment. Maybe a few strategically placed shrubs would close a sight line and give you a secluded, well-lit space for your three-in-flower She-Hulks.

We will get back to “stress” next week. Thanks to everyone who had their video used for this class. Enjoy your weekend.

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