GroSkool 2.0: Grow’em Big!


It seems reasonably certain that in our re-legalized future home growing will be allowed.  For reasons never entirely clear, a six-plant-three-in-flower garden is becoming the standard.  Nevada’s proposition for a twelve-plant-garden would be much easier to manage.  But, okay, six plants means when I flower them my girls have to be BIG.  Look here:

The premise of the home grow is to be able to feed your own head, along with all heads for which you bear some responsibility. If you can only have three in bloom at a time you must maximine the number of budding sites the plant has. Follow me out back and see what we are talking about.

But most people grow indoors. That’s not a limitation. May I introduce “Alice.”

This video is a bit longer than those we usually use, but this is the image of the plant our 6-plant-3-in-flower project wants to find. Imagine this style of grow on a plant like Alice.

Not every plant we sprout is going to thrive with the manipulations we are going to employ. But some of them respond with total joy. Those are plants we are seeking. To review:

To grow our three big plants — we TOPPED – we SUPERCROPPED – we FIMMED – we LOLLIPOPPED – and budgeting a certain amout of space for the stretch that accompanies flowering, it is time to force the flowering of our plants. We are going to alter the light cycle and change the balance of N-P-K we are feeding. That’s for next class. Someone is waiting for you and you don’t want to be late. GroSkool is always open for your convenience.  Tell your friends.

Thank you to everyone whose YouTube vid was co-opted for this class. No checks are in the mail. Just good karma.

[images: the plants in the window are “Google,” the billboard used to be near my house. It was a grocery store ad.]

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