GroSkool 2.0: Growing a “Bowl of Flowers”

Our re-legalized future seems to be beginning wih authorized home grows of 6 plants — 3 in flower. That means we need / want a lot of buds per plant.  GroSkool is where we come to study how to do this.  Last week we “topped” our way to eight (8) strong stems on our plant. Those stems grow “up” towards the light. The next major event in the vegetative life of our plant is to turn those strong stems parallel to the ground.  We have two choices in how to do this:

We can use low stress techniques, which we have discussed for several weeks, to turn the stems down and make the stems grow parallel to the growing surface. In the alternative we can use a high stress technique. We can “supercrop” the stems to turn them parallel to the ground.

The stems which fall over when bent will stand back up — in time. As the stems rise back up they can be supercropped again (and again) or a low stress technique can be used to keep the stem growing parallel to the ground. Imagine the spokes of a wheel radiating out from a central hub. How big can your wheel get? How big is the pot you have planted your pot-plant in? How much room do you have in the growing space? That is what informs how big you let your plants get.

When you get the stems to the size (length) appropriate for your grow, let the stem turn up to the light. No more stress technique. Let those ends grow up. As the branches turn up they look like the sides of a bowl. If they don’t look like a bowl just go smoke a bowl and everthing will be fine.

Inside the “bowl” are stems with budding sites which usually grow along and against the stems. When we lay the stem down those budding sites will grow “up” towards the light. Each little popcorn bud now becomes a “top.” Your “bowl” fills with flowers. Hopefully 3 bowls full, as allowed by our re-legalized tomorrow.

More on supercropping next week. What supercropping does is mess with the plants hormones. That’s why the discussion on plant hormones earlier. We want to know why we are doing something, and why it works, along with learning the technique “how to.”

Thanks to everyone who gave us a video this week. Love that shared knowledge.

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