GroSkool 2.0: Harvest? Which Style?

At long last the time has come to harvest our flowers.  There is a fork in the road here.  Two different paths present and we must select one.


Lollipopping your plants means you expect, when the time comes, to take (cut down) the entire plant at one time. If our re-legalized future does include 6 plant / 3 in flower home gardens, lollipopping and one-time harvest will probably be considered “best practices.”

A second way to harvest leaves all the bushy stuff on at the bottom of the plant. Yes, all that small growth that is not getting adequate light because of the large healthy branches above. Harvest in this style is a two-step — take (cut) the top of the plant — the top does ripen first. This gives you most of the main stem and the large side branches in the first cutting.

Now, return the small, underdeveloped mess left behind — still alive, still growing, still connected to the root system but now getting a much larger share of energy than previously, still creating THC — put that back into the flowering area under your fowering light cycle, for two weeks, maybe three. The prize is a second harvest.

Next week we talk drying our harvest. Do we ever get to smoke this stuff? Jeez.

Thanks to all our volunteer videos and their creators. Thanks to you for stopping by to think about growing your own cannabis.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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