GroSkool 2.0: How Cheap Can My Garden Grow?

One of the reasons people grow their own cannabis is because good bud is pricey.  It can be cheaper to grow your own.  If you follow this line of reasoning you meet the question, “how cheaply can good bud be grown?”  The truth is pretty damn cheap.  Here’s how:


Electricity and fertilizers are the two largest costs associated with growing cannabis indoors. If you are growing indoors there isn’t much you can do about buying electricity. But you can do something about the fertilizer cost. You can learn to grow without’em. You can grow great bud without’em.

Over at Skunk Magazine there is a grow guru who calls himself “The Rev.” The Rev teaches a style of growing called “true living organics.”

The heart of TLO is the soil. The soil provides all the nutrition the plant needs. No fertilizers are used. That might be a huge savings. If the grower wants to the grower can spend a ton of money growing cannabis. Why?

Here is a garden grown TLO style. Notice the big pots — we discussed that last week. Also, notice the top of each pot is covered with a layer of mulch. That is a mark of TLO growing. TLO can grow superior cannabis. Like every other style of growing, it takes some discipline to stay with it till you “get it.” Get it? There is a lot to learn whatever style you chose for your grow.

We will keep talking about TLO next week. If money is an issue this is a good option. Give it some thought.

Thanks to the TLO folks for their videos we pirated for your benefit.

Enjoy the weekend and happy upcoming 420.

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