GroSkool 2.0: Lollipop Your Plants

This topic caused a bit of a kerfuffle at the staff meeting the other day.  The debate centered on when to run this particular lesson.  This technique —  lollipopping — is seen both before and after flowering has been initiated. When it comes to manipulating your plants, we suggest doing all your manipulations while the plant is in veg.  Let’s see what lollipopping is and why it helps grow bigger buds.



Your plant produces just-so-much energy.  We want all of that energy to run to the flowers.  Every green shoot on your plant represents stored food and a potential budding site, but requires the plant to send it some energy.  Lollipopping saves the energy for the flowers.


In this next video watch the canopy shots closely. Look INTO the growth. This grower supercrops. Can you see the evidence — the bent over stems? This is all part of “best practices” for growing. If you are going to take on the challenge of growing your own cannabis, why do anything less than your best?


If you are working with clones you will get to know, on any particular plant, how much of the plant will become part of the flowering screen. That makes lollipopping easier.  If you are working with new seed just take things slow.  Once you remove growth — maybe you can root it and grow a new copy of that plant — maybe you can weave it into a garland to wear — but the one thing you can’t do is put it back on the plant.  Slow and steady wins the growers race.  Patience is the virtue of the gardener, and you get to practice patience every day when you grow yer’ own.


Our next grower is adamant about lollipopping only in veg. I did not know about apple trees.

More on growing techniques next week.  Thanks to all our conscripted / volunteer video producers this week.

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