GroSkool 2.0: Stress 4 Success (Part I)

The premise of GroSkool is that our re-legalized future will allow home grows, but of only a very few plants.  Right now the magic number seems to be six (6) plants, no more than three showing flowers at any one time.  How, in so few plants, are we going to supply the “home?”


GroSkool directly addressed this question in GroSkool Answers the 6 Plant Question.  Grow enough to feed yourself and your household and the cartels and the tax man can both kiss your ass. That’s our goal.



To grow an adequate supply, we first start and grow a strong, healthy, female cannabis plant.  Then we cause her stress.  The stress lets her show what she’s got.  You do not have to put plants under stress.  Unstressed plants do grow flowers.  But, if you choose to go unstressed au natural, whatever you grow will be a pale reflection of what could have been.


The wire hooks in the video are made of bonsai wire. Bonsai are minature trees, a Japanese art form. The bonsai training wire is cheap, very useful and lasts forever. You can find some on-line. Don’t make me say “Amazon.”

Most people have a negative reaction to the word “stress.”  Maybe we can think of these techniques as “challenges.”  That would be more accurate.  Challenges make us stronger, smarter, more self-assured.  The challenges get tougher and so do we. We get better.  It is the same with plants.  In this world we share, the same principles apply to all life.


Over the next few weeks we are going to take a look at a variety of ways to use stress to bring out the full potential of our plants.


Just so it gets said, the first time you use some of these techniques on your plants you may feel bad — like you hurt a friend.  That’s a little stress for you to learn from.  Try the techniques then give it a few days.  You may discover the secret — your friend likes it a bit rough.  Just look at her smile.


Thanks to everyone whose videos were incorporated into this weeks lesson.  We appreciate the sharing of knowledge . This subject will continue, probably for a while.  This is the heart of growing enough.


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