GroSkool 2.0: Stress, Pt. 2

We are exploring how to grow a few very “large” plants.  Large is relative — don’t grow plants that are too big for the grow space.  Now, back to stress, and let’s stay on the low stress end of the spectrum.


Plant growth processes are controlled by hormones. Your body (you mammal, you) has glands to produce the hormones you need. Each cell of a plant produces the plants’ necessary hormones. Each plant cell can create what it needs. Auxins are associated with rooting; cytokinins with cell growth. There are other hormones, too. But here’s the point: Placing plants under stress screws with the plants’ hormones.

We will be moving up to the supercropping discussion soon. That practice is high stress training. It works, but some growers don’t like it as they feel they are hurting the plants. But if she likes it . . . ????

Next week we will ramp up the stress and do some cutting. Remember — “big” plants can be defined as a lot of budding sites per plant.

Thanks to everyone who loaned us a video for this class. Good weekend everyone.

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