GroSkool 2.0: Stress Tech — F.I.M.


The story goes that a grower, intending to top a plant, took attention away from the task and ended up removing only about 2/3 of the emerging top bud.  Saying, “fuck, I missed” the “fimming” technique was discovered.  Topping creates new branches. Our video teachers talk about fimming creating additional tops and branches. I think of fimming as being about reving up the branch, making it swell and add girth.  When properly applied, we seldom hear complaints about extra girth. 


Growers don’t always agree what amount of green constitutes 75 – 80% of the bud. Just remember if you are fimming DO NOT REMOVE THE ENTIRE TOP. Fimming screws with the hormones in the plant. All part of the stress that makes cannabis plants big and strong and stoney.

One more.

We top to create our desired number of branches. When the branch is the desired size we fim to supercharge that branch. All stress techniques, including fimming, should be complete before we move our plants into the flowering phase, which we accomplish by changing light cycles. Once we go to flower we let the plant put all its’ attention on flowering. We continue exploring more techques for growing bigger plants next week.

Thanks to all the video producers who shared their knowledge with us this week. We all love to learn.

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