GroSkool 2.0: The Road Goes Ever, Ever On

Just around the corner cannabis will again be legal.  Home grows will become common.  There will be larger neighborhood and building grows serving consumers in a limited membership co-op.  Officer Friendly, the tax collector and the drug cartel thugs can all go suck an egg.  


As re-legalization draws closer the first mode of approved home grows seem to be a 6-plant-3-in-flower garden. GroSkool came into being to explore the question, “can 3-in-flower provide adequate amounts of cannabis for the “house?” There is a lot of wiggle room here but you get the idea.

Surprisingly, at the end of our first grow, GROSKOOL ANSWERS THE 6 PLANT QUESTION, we were thinking “yes.” We still think “yes” but, just so it gets said, 12 plants, total, would be easier to manage. And I personally still advocate for a non-commercial grow license. In that license is more tax revenue, less regulation and more success for the home grower.

On an alternative time line, if clones can be purchased on the open market 6 / 3 difficulties fall away. The challenge is keeping plants idling while older plants flower to maturity. Certainly there are worse challenges to face.

We had so much fun in the initial session of GroSkool that we took the ride again. Now we have cured our second grow and it’s time to move on to discussing new topics about our favorite plant.  We hope you enjoyed your visits to GroSkool, maybe learned something, and stand ready to grow yer own in our re-legalized future. GroSkool lessons are always available to you when you need them.  A garden is a balancing act. Every gardener needs help sooner or later.

GroSkool shamelessly but with appreciation used YouTube videos to flesh out each of our lessons. Remember YouTube. There is a lot of good advice there, but take in more rather than less and then apply what makes sense to you and your situation. Keep things simple, don’t be afraid to try new products and new techniques. Never think you know all there is to know.

One caution before you start that first grow, from the guru, Ed Rosenthal, himself,

“It would be easier to quit smoking cannabis than it would be to quit growing it.”

You have been warned.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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