Groundbreaking sponsorship for Johnny Rock Page

“Professional motorcycle racer Johnny Rock Page and marijuana industry media company Hemp American Media Group have together made history via a groundbreaking sponsorship deal that makes for the first time a professional racer has ever been sponsored by a marijuana company. The sponsorship is for Page’s 2016 MotoAmerica Superbike season”.

Hemp American Media group, co-founded by Colby Ayres, provides digital networking of many websites committed to legalizing the marijuana industry. Marijuana is pretty much banned in every sport and this is a good step forward for all sports. There have been others in athletics trying to lift this ban in plenty of other sports. Nick Diaz is an athlete that was notable for his, 5-year ban and $165,000 fine,  from the UFC. Due to the fact that many other athletes have tested positive for steroids, only getting  banned  with a couple thousand dollars and ready to go after a month. Another aspect of marijuana, in sports, is revenue through sponsors for athletes. “In the near future I see professional sports teams and athletes getting sponsored regularly by marijuana-related companies as well as frequent product placements and endorsement deals in show business,” said Ayres. Marijuana should be accepted on the same level as the beer companies, establishing sponsors through sporting events. When you want to see Johny Rock page, the MotoAmerica Superbike season is in April, in Austin, Texas, at the Circuit of The Americas race track and will be televised on SPORTS TV Network.

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Author: Isaac Hernandez

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