Group of Retired California Police Officers and Judges Think States Should Govern Drug Laws

In defense of all the recent federal crackdowns on California’s medical marijuana business, a group of retired police officers and judges will hold a press conference tomorrow, October 18th, at 10 AM PST. Retired LAPD deputy chief of police Stephen Dawning will announce the initiative at the Plaza of the Flags at 700 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana, California to promote a new ballot initiative to regulate cannabis in a similar fashion  to wine. Since California’s wine industry is so big and has had regulations that have kept the industry flourishing without problems for years, they believe that medical marijuana can be regulated and of course taxed in a way that models the wine industry.

The initiative, the Regulate Marijuana like Wine Act of 2012, which is endorsed by the Libertarian Party and medical marijuana business training professionals, 420 College, would repeal failed marijuana laws for adults aged 21 and older, strictly regulate the sale of marijuana similar to the wine industry and authorize a vibrant new economy of eco-friendly hemp agriculture products. The initiative would not change laws regarding medical marijuana, impairment in the workplace, driving while impaired or use by persons under 21 years old.

All in all this sounds like the most well thought out legalization proposal yet. California’s wine business has long been looked at very positively for its taxation and regulation policies and since everyone is so familiar with that particular model, why not try it with weed? With as many as 50% of U.S adults saying they believe marijuana should be legal, this could be the most promising idea we’ve seen yet regarding full legalization. Not to mention how much it hurt the cartels and in turn help bring crime down, similar to when alcohol prohibition was repealed.

In reality I think a lot of people know that it’s only really a matter of time before it gets legalized somewhere in the states and why not let California be the starting ground for it. Their medical marijuana system has successfully worked since implemented in 1996 and has undoubtedly helped a majority of the now more than 750,000 medical patients in the state.

If it gets its fair chance and proper support this could be the tipping point for marijuana legalization in this country. Once one states shows it can be done (smashing those old myths about pot and crime), other states that already have medical marijuana programs in place will probably be soon to follow. So for the sake of moving forward with marijuana in not only this country but the world, let’s hope this passes.

Image Via The Weed Blog

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