Guy Banned From Yahoo For Having Fantasy Team Named “I Smoke LeGarrette Blounts”

Pretty ridiculous that yahoo could shut down this guys account just for naming his team “I smoke LeGarette Blounts” and having a pic of “Granny Smokin The Weed”. First of all that’s a perfect fantasy team name. Not too ridiculous, funny cause his name sounds like blunt, and he actually had Blount on his fantasy team. Also I’m sure LeGarette has smoked plenty of blounts in his lifetime. Ive seen some horrible ruthless Fantasy names and avatars over the years, and this doesn’t even come close to shocking. Apparently all hell breaks loose at Yahoo once Granny starts Smokin’ the Weed.

Chicago Tribune– The Lombard resident looked over his roster and zeroed in on one of his starting running backs, LeGarrette Blount of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Neustadt chuckled. Blount pronounces his last name “blunt,” which anyone with a subscription to High Times knows is slang for a hollowed-out cigar stuffed with cannabis.Seizing on the phonetic similarity, Neustadt named his fantasy team “I Smoke LeGarrette Blounts.”For the avatar attached to his team, Neustadt scoured the Internet and found a picture of an elderly woman smoking a gigantic marijuana cigarette. The picture bore the caption “Granny’s Smokin The Weed.” “Part of fantasy football is to come up with a clever name and attach a funny photo,” said Neustadt, 24. But humor is in the eye of the beholder, and Yahoo did not find Neustadt’s choice of avatar funny.On Sept. 12, Yahoo froze Neustadt’s email account and barred access to his fantasy football team.At first, Neustadt thought he had fallen victim to a cyber slug. For five days, he tried repeatedly to gain access to his account but couldn’t. On Sept. 17, he sent a message to Yahoo Pulse, the company’s customer service center. The following day, a customer care employee named Anthony wrote back, telling Neustadt his account had been terminated because he had violated Yahoo’s terms of service.

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