Guy Gets Banned From The Mall For Wearing A Marijuana T-shirt

Aurora Mall in Colorado banned a young man for wearing a “Yes We Cannabis” t-shirt last week. The shirt takes the Barack Obama slogan, “Yes We Can,” and the graphics and changes it into a pro-marijuana shirt. Despite the fact that you can purchase pro-marijuana items in that same mall they still decided that this guy wearing a t-shirt was so disruptive to the mall that they decided he needed to be banned. Maybe he should have just gone topless.  Hit the jump for the rest of this story.

Two dozen pro-marijuana demonstrators dared the Aurora Mall to stop them like had Jake Gailey when he entered the mall wearing a shirt that features a play on Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” campaign slogan and graphics, but instead features the message “YES WE CANNABIS” and displays a marijuana leaf.

They marched into the mall wearing t-shirts promoting marijuana.

Gailey admits he got upset about the request, then later agreed to be banned from the mall for a year in exchange for the Aurora police dropping a charge of disturbing the peace.

Wow so they tried to charge him with disturbing the peace for wearing a marijuana t-shirt but he was wearing a shirt that said Jack Daniels on it they would have just left him alone. Drunkards disturb the peace far more often than weed heads last I checked.

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Author: Lenny

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