Hailey Has The Idea

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On Monday June 14th, the town of Hailey, Idaho let its inhabitants know that marijuana use on private property would be town police’s least priority for arrests. Though they will they will enforce marijuana laws if there is knowledge of other illegal activities occurring on private property. This policy is for marijuana use on private properties only and has no effect on public marijuana use, marijuana use by minors or blazing up while driving, and if caught, you can be cited or arrested for these infractions.

This small, progressive Idaho town, whose population at the 2000 Census was 6,200 people, is getting on track with larger cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland and Santa Barbara, who have made marijuana enforcement their lowest priority as well.

The town of Hailey formed a Marijuana Oversight Committee last year after 3 marijuana related initiatives were passed by town voters, not once but twice, which included marijuana for medical purposes, legalizing industrial hemp and making enforcement of marijuana laws the lowest police priority. After these initiatives were passed, significant portions of these initiatives were redacted, or to select or adapt (as by obscuring or removing sensitive information) for publication or release, by marijuana hating Fifth District Judge Robert Elgee, who felt he was smarter than every other person in town and “knew better” than the voters, thus making the ordinances ineffective. The Marijuana Oversight Committee was formed to get information and make recommendations to the City Council on how Hailey should handle marijuana policy.

How can a town of 6,200 people have a better understanding of what should be done to get marijuana reform pushed and passed when bigger cities can’t? That is a question we all need to try to answer.

Get tied up in it.

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Author: Tangles

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