Happy 4/20: Awesome Grow Pictures


Marijuana Cultivation is still a felony in most parts of the country but that doesn’t stop a lot of Marijuana growers from doing their thing. In parts of California, where marijuana has all but been decriminalized, you can legally grow a certain amount of plants in your home for medical purposes. Looks like I will have to move there and bring my bad case of anorexia with me.

Here are some pictures of a home grow setup that a reader sent to me via twitter. These pics feature the weed at various points in the grow process. Very exciting stuff. If marijuana is ever legalized in the United States, this will be the first thing I do.

Moms & Clones


image_00042 image_00049 img_0019-2 imgp0606 imgp1691 upload1

Small Vegging


imgp0605 imgp0608 imgp1337 imgp1339 imgp1430 imgp1431

Big Vegging


imgp1650 imgp1652 imgp1661 imgp1665 imgp1670 imgp1675

Small Buds


img_0023 imgp1006 imgp1008 imgp1040 imgp1041 imgp1042 imgp1119 imgp1146 imgp1151

Budding Plants


dscf0005 fob1 fob3 green-24 i3010031 img_0016 img_0029 img_0065 imgp1167 tallbabybluesat1 upload12



1003 10062 10065 10101b i3010008 i3010020 imgp1300 lastdays3 privatestuff101-005 yum1yumbox



soakedbudz1 ttmorejars1 tttopjars1 ttmoretops1

Shout outs to @medicalMJ for the pics. For more, check out the full set here.

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