Has the Federal Government Surrendered?

The war against cannabis may have just ended.  I say “may” because we will have to wait and see exactly what happens next.  Let’s start with good news:  The federal government is not going to make a contest out of re-legalization in Colorado and Washington.  States are free to set up their own regulatory system for cannabis, recreational and medical.  Take a deep breath.

The entire memo from the Department of Justice is HERE. Please read it for yourself. Don’t let people tell you what something else says. Read it for yourself, decide for yourself what it means.

The memo sounds promising, but on close reading I think it says if the states regulate the feds won’t. But, it also says the feds get to decide if the states are doing the job or not. If that is what the memo says, then I don’t know how that plays out. But it is a step in the right direction.

My advice on the next step would be to work on legalization legislation in the state where you currently reside. Do it now.

The bell tolls for cannabis prohibition.

A few weeks back HMJ ran an article titled “President Obama’s Hidden Pro-Pot Agenda.” That piece asked, ” maybe no one is actively looking for small show-grows. Maybe “small” is the key to safety. This means many more small grows, not just a few, larger ones.”

Offered from the DoJ Memo: “the size of a marijuana operation was a reasonable proxy for assessing whether marijuana trafficking . . . ” See page 3 of the memo.

[image: Google images: “White House”]

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