Hawaiian MMJ About to Start Growing

Let’s check in on the medical cannabis program in Hawaii.

The state Department of Health said Tuesday it’s ready to connect its seed-to-sale tracking software with the programs used by the eight companies that received licenses to grow and sell medial marijuana. It plans to do so Feb. 1. It’s a milestone that will allow most of the licensees to start cultivating cannabis. State law says the plants must be tracked from seeds to the point of sale, so approval to start growing marijuana was delayed until now.
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Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in 2000, but patients had to grow their own plants or find a caregiver who could help. It wasn’t until 2015 that the Legislature decided to legalize dispensaries. Legislators exempted the Department of Health from the normally required rulemaking to expedite the process. The agency awarded eight licenses to companies in April and authorized them to open their doors as of July. Some owners said publicly that they hoped to open by the end of 2016.

That hasn’t happened.

One reason has been the long process of getting the state’s seed-to-sale tracking software program up and running. The state awarded a contract in November to BioTrackTHC, a company that’s worked on similar dispensary programs on the mainland.

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Here’s some encouraging new.  Hawaiian lawmakers are complaining about the delay.

DOH officials faced the tough questions during a Medical Marijuana Legislative Oversight Working Group meeting.  “I’m just trying to figure out what’s taking it so long cause I really don’t think this is rocket science,” said state Sen. Roz Baker (South and West Maui). 

Maui Grown Therapies is almost done with its first dispensary storefront site, which is located at 44 Paa St. in the Maui Lani Village Center.  The company also has a production facility in Kula, but it’s waiting for final approval from the state to actually start cultivation.

“We have been ready to go since the summertime,” said Teri Freitas Gorman, director of community relations and patient affairs for Maui Grown Therapies. “It has been difficult waiting this long, but we understand the Department of Health’s need to make sure that everything is in place prior to starting.”

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Over half the nation now authorizes medical cannabis.  How long until rec catches up?  That’s up to you and me.  Sooner rather than later, yes?

[image:  Medical Cannabis Coalition of Hawaii]


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