He went for it?

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This post was written by The White Kid, Click here to read more by this author

I can’t believe that crazy bastard actually went for it. 4th and 2 on your own 28, up by 6. Conventional wisdom would say to punt the ball and let your defense do work. Let the other team have to go the length of the field and score a TD to win. That would have been the smart play, but I guess after 58 minutes of watching Peyton Manning light your defense up you start to make bad decisions. Well it didn’t take very long for Manning to throw a TD pass to Reggie Wayne for the win and now everybody is playing Monday morning QB. The Colts and Pats are probably the two best teams in the AFC and will most likely play again in January. I expect that game to be as exciting as this one, do yourself a favor and watch the highlights, as this was by far the best game of the weekend.

Colts 35, Pats 34

I now am going to take this opportunity to berate the NFL and it’s TV contracts. The Giants had a bye this week which usually means a sweet doubleheader for the NY markets. I don’t know how it happened but some genius decided that we will only get to see the Cowboys Packers game at 4 and there would be no other game to watch on CBS. How is it possible that we get a doubleheader when the Giants or Jets play primetime and the week the Jets were on their bye, but not this week? The TV contracts are so complex I’m sure only 3 people in America could tell us why, but when can the NFL just let everyone have Sunday ticket so we don’t have to deal with this kind of stuff anymore.

Such bullshit, especially since they make us watch the fucking Cowboys, our most hated rival. It made me insanely mad, but seeing the Romosexuals lose did make me feel better. I just wish the would have been shut out. Poor Aaron Rogers is going to get killed soon if they don’t start blocking, but the Packers D looked pretty solid against a team that consistently makes big plays downfield.

Packers 17, Cowboys 7

Now here is my other gripe about the coverage in NY this weekend. Once the Jets game was over they showed the CBS talking heads for a couple of minutes then switched over to the end of the Bengals/Steelers game. I’m sure it was a great defensive game, as no offensive TD’s were scored, but the game was already decided and there was no reason to put on bonus coverage of people taking a knee.

Bengals 18, Steelers 12

So CBS shits the bed and I switch over to Fox to see what they have going on. They start their coverage at 4 and begin with their louder talking heads then take us to bonus coverage of the Saints/Rams game. I guess the Rams thought this was their playoff game because they stuck with them and were in it right up until the very end, which is precisely when they decided to show bonus coverage. Sweet, another game where people are taking a knee to end it. Some fun plays to watch in this game, even though the Saints should have blown them out.

Saints 28, Rams 23

There was one game on which should have been shown during bonus coverage because it was actually close and exciting. The Dolphins were playing their cross state counterpart Bucs and it ended up being a nail biter. This game was my survivor pick so I was screaming at the tv to put it on. The fins were up and just needed to kill the clock at the end of the game but decided to throw the ball for some inexplicable reason. Of course it was an int. and the bucs score right away to go up by 1. The fins get the ball back and drive down to score with a couple sweet passes and then fox decides to show the field goal to win it. Now I’m thrilled to have been lucky to win that game, but why the fuck couldn’t we watch the last 5 minutes instead of the bullshit that was on? So frustrating.

Dolphins 25, Bucs 23

Now onto the Jets game. This game held new meaning to me once I found out that I got free tickets to the upcoming game at the Patriots this Sunday. These are going to be sweet seats, first ten rows on the 50. I’ve never been to Boston so I’m excited to see all the historic sites and architecture and all that nonsense, but in all reality I just want to wear my Yanks jersey around and see how many verbal altercations I can get in. That should be the best part of the trip but I just hope no fistfights break out at Foxboro for the game, as the kid I’m going with is a huge Jets fan. So I was kind of hoping that both the Jets and Pats would win so that the game would be moved to the flex spot at 8, instead of the scheduled 4:15 start. Didn’t happen as they both lost great games, so at least I’ll get home at some kind of reasonable hour.

The Jets just seem like they are a year away from being a contender and they should have been able to win against the Jags, but Maurice Jones Drew decided to take over the game and beat the Jets himself. A lot of football experts are praising him for taking a knee at the one with 1:30 left in the game so the Jets wouldn’t get the ball back. I completely disagree in this logic because if the Jets block the FG or their is a bad snap, the Jags lose and he’ll forever be know as the idiot who didn’t score to win the game. I know the coaches told him to take a knee, but someone’s head would have rolled if they lost the game after that one.

Jaguars 24, Jets 22

The rest of the games went as follows, including the worst MNF game that has been on in a while. The Browns are so unbelievably bad on offense they should literally stop playing this year. It was painful to watch.

Titans 41, Bills 17 (this is funny, the Titans owner giving the finger to the Bills after beating their ass, old senile guys are so awesome)

Redskins 27, Broncos 17
Chiefs 16, Raiders 10
Cardinals 31, Seahawks 20
Chargers 31, Eagles 23
Ravens 16, Browns 0
49ers 10, Bears 6
Panthers 28, Falcons 19
Vikings 27, Lions 10

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Author: the white kid

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