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Attention Hail Mary Jane fans! The blog you know and love is on the verge of something groundbreaking. We are taking steps in a new direction to evolve this blog into a certified brand. Our brand will need everything a regular brand does: awareness, followers and a little TLC. That is why we are sending this shout out to you, our loyal readers and corespondents. With the help of GoFundMe, Hail Mary Jane is crowd sourcing funds to help pay for its upcoming photo shoot featuring our new clothing line and accessories. Here is a segment from our organization explaining our situation in detail:


  • Why do we need this money?

Your contributions will go directly towards a project to expand the blog to an all-around lifestyle brand.  This seed money will be all be invested in creating new revenue streams to support paying our staff and covering operating costs. We will be creating a clothing line, obtaining marketing materials and completing our first branding photo shoot. We have already sourced the necessary outlets to launch our brand by Black Friday (Nov. 27, 2015).

  • What the money will be used for?
  1. Product development
  2. Brand imaging
  3. Branding materials
  4. Publishing and marketing tools
  5. Company timeline:
    • Oct. 24: Brand imagining photo shoot
    • Oct. 30: T-shirt designs to production company
    • Nov. 4: Samples received back
    • Nov. 6: Look book photo shoot
    • Nov. 9: Pre-sale starts; e-blast released to all media outlets and retailers for look book
    • Nov. 16: Begin product production
    • Nov. 27: Official launch of HMJ Lifestyle


Here is the link to our GoFundMe page: Donations go a long way, but even sharing this link with your friends and fellow stoners would be doing HMJ a great service. Thank you for your continued support and keep checking back with Hail Mary Jane for brand news and updates.


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