Help Wanted: Tasters & Testers

A company called Dixie Elixirs is looking for people to test its cannabis beverages and foods.    Here’s a look at your competition for the job.


Many of the entries on Dixie’s contest page read as professionally as any cover letter. The entry that has drawn the most votes so far says:

“My tolerance is high which allows me to be an effective tester for you. I am well versed in the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis. As a foodie, I look forward to tasting your creations!”

Here’s what some of the others say:

“I have an MA in Psychology and a keen understanding of the experimental process. I’m skilled and experienced in writing up and explaining results in an interesting yet informative fashion. My understanding of psychology and brain chemistry allows me to look at the results of a product from more than the point of view of just how it makes you feel.”
“After 30 yrs of hiding behind closed doors to enjoy a little cannabis this would be an amazing opportunity to bring it out in the open. I am a 12 year Navy veteran who was honorably discharged for a positive urinalysis for THC.”
“I have been using cannabis since the 8th grade. I will be 60 in June, so that has been many a moon.”
“I have a PhD in Pharmacology, and I’ve always loved cannabis.”
“I have a dream, that one day, I shall find a job where all employees are treated equally. The ‘best new job title on earth’ does not even begin to explain it all. No credentials needed, just a constant appetite. Sign me up and I’ll eat whatever u got …”

Learn more about your next job at the complete original post, WHICH IS HERE.

[image: Google images “Dixie Elixir”]

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  • I was about to sign up, but they already picked the winners on the 18th of April, you can see them on their Facebook page.