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The hemp plant is a huge part of our history, as well as something that will help shape our future.  The developers of Hemplights realize the benefits of this natural resource and have used their knowledge of it to create a line of organic products. Besides integrating hemp rope into common lighter cases for a cleaner smoking experience, they also carry an all natural bees wax that can be used for a multitude of things from chapsticks and lip balms to soaps and candles. Everything Hemplights provides is proudly made here in the U.S. One of their more popular products, The Spooly, is a perfect example of their hemp integration into the everyday smoking lifestyle.

Our Hemplights products burn cleaner, brighter and longer than anything else out there. Using Hemplights to light just about anything you can think of is the best and most natural way in the World.

The Spooly is Hemplights’ mini lighter holder with a hidden spool of hemp rope in the base. The encased roll comes with 3 feet of hemp rope for your smoking pleasure. The case holds a small BIC-style lighter that sits right in front of the hemp dispenser. The hemp is easily fed through the dispenser to any length of your choosing. The lighter is then slightly tilted so the flame will light the hemp rope. Once the rope is lit, the lighter can be released and you can smoke using the hemp rope.  After using the lit rope, you can slide it back down into the dispenser, where it will put itself out.  Hemplights provides the Spooly in a variety of colors, and supplies five packs of spools for replenishing the Spooly whenever it runs out.

Hemplights has done well in the development of the Spooly.  The 3 feet of hemp rope wrapped into the base ensures longevity, while the compact design makes it feel no bigger than a normal lighter in your pocket. Being able to use the hemp as an ignition source for smoking, instead of the lighter itself, helps eliminate the constant inhalation of the butane in the lighter. It is great for all smoking mediums — from full bowls to thick rolls.

There were only a few minor issues that I encountered with the Spooly. Wind is definitely not your friend when using it. The outdoors, as well as high powered indoor fans, are not conducive to using the hemp rope; the flame is not as strong, so the flowing air blows it out fairly easily. Also, the ash produced by the burning rope is a small concern. The ash stays slightly lit as it fully burns out, so if it falls off before you’re able to extinguish it, it may fall and cause a minor burn.

However, overall, the Spooly is a nice, cheap and effective way to make your smoking experience a bit better for you and your buddies!

Be sure to check back regularly for more product reviews by HMJ. If you have any questions about any products I have reviewed, please feel free to comment and I will help as best I can!


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Author: Jason

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