Here We Go New York

New York state is not doing very well these days.  We have a $9 billion (with a b) budget gap, our governor has been having a rough time of it recently, and I still can’t find gainful employment (like most people in the city this last year).  Oh well, at least I have this horrific bottle of Benchmark Bourbon–it can even double as paint remover!

Things might be looking on the up and up for both New York State and in turn me.  It seems that the state Democrats who yell at each other in Albany are actually discussing the possible legalization of marijuana.  Oh boy.  Read on…

The New York Daily News Reports reports “Senate Democrats are counting on a pot of gold!  They want to legalize medical marijuana as a way to generate nearly $15 million in licensing fees to help plug the state’s $9 billion budget gap.”  Excellent!  Well, hold on their optimism (yes, I’m personifying a feeling and then talking to myself about it).  It’s gonna take a little more than a few democrats to get that idea passed.  One Republicam, Senator Martin Goldman from R-Brooklyn said  ‘”It’s ludicrous.”‘  Well then.

I think a few Republican members of our New York state legislature should check out how we feel.  Pay attention to your constituents because maybe 40% of us vote!

Don’t just mull it over.  Take Nike’s advice and just do it.  Do what exactly?  Haven’t you been paying attention Republican members of congress?

Do as Peter Tosh says “Legalize It!”

I’m obviously stressing and the bourbon is flowing.  No nugget, so I’ll have to call my delivery service instead of going down to the local coffee-shop.  A man can dream though…

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Author: Tyrel

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