High Assessment Scale

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Ok so even though I consider myself an expert stoner, I have never gotten to the point where I had the symptoms of “gone,” however I met a few people last weekend who had experience with Cali weed/hash who have definitely been at those points.  For me just beeing at buzzed/high is optimal.  What do you guys think?  Have you ever been officially “gone?”



i definitely hit gone but have never had any visual hallucinations on weed. but i don’t like to be really high anyways, just buzzed-high


I’m personally a light weight, it takes a few good bowl packs with a good piece and I have hallucinated before. I saw a white sea turtle. It all depends on tolerance, like who are you to tell me how I handle it. I know what I’ve experienced.

Hey you

Hey you bill,
THC can induce hallucinations and delusions due to its agonizing effect on CB1 receptors involved with percept, in your occipital lobes. It only occurs when the brain has not been exposed to cannabis in a good amount of time, if ever.
What I’m saying is the body can experience OEVs and CEVs the first few times it is exposed to THC, but after tolerance is developed it only effects the receptors in the hypothalamus and prefrontal cortex associated with mood, cognitive thinking, appetite, motor function, higher sensation, and increased creativity.


You don't hallucinate from weed in any form, eyes opened or closed. This most definitely gives weed smokers a bad name and further instills the erroneous and widespread misconception the general population has about smoking marijuana.


Actually Bill, you are only partially correct. While its not known to cause hallucinations, everybody is different, and everyone's experiences with the drug are different.

But close eyed hallucinations are not *Close eyes*-> Alice in Wonderland. Close eyed hallucinations are light pattern sensations. They can be faint colors or flashes, or even patterns of colors. Usually this only happens when I am seriously baked.


dude i always see hallucinations when i get high i know they're not real, but they're definantly there.


Dude, this is bullshit. Either someone on shrooms wrote this while loaded or some 12 year old did. This is the type of bullshit that makes weed smokers look worse. Who the hell hallucinates when loaded off weed? It's probably because the bullshit weed that this dude got was laced with some shit.


Having hallucinated using weed and other forms as well (it's different, like every other, but definitely a hallucinogenic experience), and given the fact that THC is a documented hallucinogen, I think you are just trying to sound smart.


No, the ones making us stoners look works are the ones that post themselves naked, while smoking pot,

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