High Times’ Stoner of the Year

By: $@bs

High Times recently announced the winner of their highly coveted award for “Stoner of the Year”. Well you can uncross your fingers cuz you lost again this year. Even more insulting you lost to a dog; and a fictitious one at that.

That’s right friends, the much sought after title went to Family Guy’s Brian Griffin. How? The publication points to the 420 episode of Family Guy, where Brian accurately notes that “pot is illegal because William Randolph Hearst ran a smear campaign,” (which we discussed in a celebratory 4/20 posting last year). Brian’s dedication to outlining the historical truth regarding marijuana legislation in the US is consistent throughout the episode.

Further evidence of Brian’s worthiness of the award occurs when he is locked up over a small bag of weed and organizes Quahog’s first legalization rally, which features the timeless classic musical revue, “Everything Goes Better With a Bag of Weed“. (Ain’t that the mickey fickey truth.) Brian and Stewie play the song on a homemade xylophone made of bongs and then blast free bags of weed to the entire town out of a cannon. The rally is so successful that the mayor quickly signs a law legalizing marijuana. Unfortunately, after the whole town is perpetually stoned, the law is overturned, (despite that crime is virtually obliterated).

In light of his contributions to marijuana legislation at the mass media level, we, the pot smokers of America everywhere, salute you, Brian Griffin.

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Author: Sabs

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