Higher Learning: Tips For Pothead College Students

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If there’s one thing to always remember on a college campus, it’s that weed is everywhere and I do mean everywhere. No matter what higher learning institution you may be at – and these tips will no doubt be different for different schools – it is always good to remember that there is weed somewhere. The second thing to remember is that everyone smokes. Obviously this is not entirely true, but this side of Amsterdam you will not find a more marijuana-friendly place than (most) college campuses.

That pack of artsy kids you always see around – they smoke. Those anarcho-punk activists who wear black all year and hate the world – they smoke. The frat guy who insists on calling all of his professors “bro” – he likes a little bud with his beer.  Those skaters you always see fuckin’ around outside – best believe they smoke. And the random kids you barely notice walking to class – shit, they smoke the most. With such a huge culture surrounding the sticky icky in one place, it’s not hard to get lost in all of it, heres a few tips to make your “higher” learning experience the best it can be.

Be cheap:

If you are like me and most other kids in college, you’re broke. As we know, this can be a problem when you’re trying to keep up a green lifestyle, so penny pinch as much as possible. If you have a meal plan, use it! Yeah, going to grab a slice of pizza between classes doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but when you’ve got a room full of pre-paid food, that $2.50 can be better spent on other things – a pack of zig-zags or a couple blunts for example.

One of the methods I’ve found most helpful in frugality when it comes to weed is switching up the grade of bud I buy. As someone who likes to have really good weed I find this also means I like to have a low bank account. So every month or two, instead of buying your super-duper-chron ask your dealer if he has some mids; It will be much cheaper, you’ll be able to buy in bulk, smoke more often and with more people (always good for the ladies) and maybe sell a little to the lames in your dorm who don’t know what’s what about bud. A little seeds and stems never really hurt anybody, and the amount you will be able to smoke just about cancels out the lack in quality.

And always check bulletins and any event listings, there’s free stuff everywhere, go find it.

Be Friendly:

I know this may be a little difficult for some people, as it is in the stoners nature to be at least a little bit of an introvert, but if there is one place to come out of your shell, it’s college; and often times, it’s necessary. As someone who moved across the country to go to school, I arrived on campus not knowing anybody. This wasn’t a huge deal for me other than the eighth that I had brought with me was going quick and I urgently needed a re-up.

Just talking to random people in class and on campus you’ll find really cool people with really good weed. Just last weekend a couple friends and I were sitting in our dorm room indulging in a little vodka and chronic when a knock on our door was met by a couple complete strangers inquiring about a dub. They had gone to a party that turned out to be a bust and decided against wandering in the snow and wanted to toke a little bit to make sure the night wasn’t a complete waste. After a quick scan of their already dazed eyes and the inquiry of “you a narc” we determined that they were not indeed pigs and hooked them up with a dime. While I don’t necessarily suggest this exact aproach, it never hurts to be friendly and help fellow stoners out, good things will always come back in return.

Be Prepared:

This comes up in a lot of different situations, but is equally important in all of them. If you live in a dorm and choose to smoke there – which you don’t have to do, you avoid the risk of huge fines that you can’t afford and possibly getting kicked out by just going outside – be smart about it. Put a towel under your door, be liberal with the fabreeze and always blow out the window. But more than that, know your RA, know how much he or she cares about weed infractions, know your neighbors, if your hall already smells like Method Man’s escalade, relax, if not, take more precaution.

Preparedness also translates into classes and nightlife. The most handy tool you will have on campus is a dugout or cigarette one hitter. Good for toking between classes or without attracting a crowd at a party it’s quick, easy and discreet. I’ve also become accustom to keeping a pack of zig-zags in my wallet just as religiously as a condom and drivers license; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached at parties by someone with weed but no way to smoke it, you provide the papers they will no doubt smoke you out.

When it comes to your money and weed, hide it wisely. Roommates, even the most trustworthy, and any neighbors who might be in your room have been known to take shit, so keep your bud on lock and your money tighter. I have a friend who keeps his money only in his text books, no ones usually snooping through books, and it’s always nice to find a fiver in your human sexuality textbook.

When it comes to campus police, it varies by campus, but most cops working a college campus have seen more weed smokers than they care to count, so don’t think your super secret on campus smoke spot is safe or that you’ll never get caught. But if you do get nabbed by the campus fuzz, don’t stress too hard, if it’s your first time getting caught up a warning is more likely than anything else.

College is the most fun time of your life, and there’s no reason not to go through your whole college career blazed as fuck. So stay smart, stay aware and stay high, but most importantly, stay learning.

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Author: Zeej

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