Highly Organized International Drug Gang or Just Desperate?

This summer four men set out to sail the English Channel like hundreds of other vessels do each month. But what was different about the MV Majestic was the two tons of marijuana tucked neatly inside the luxury yacht. When border patrol pulled over the sea vessel, which is thought to have originated in North Africa, I wonder if they knew they would be making the second largest drug bust of the year?

Sentencing at Hove Crown Court, Judge Anthony Scott-Gall, jailed Turner, Timothy and Bouma to nine and a half years, and De Geus, who is suffering from terminal cancer, to five years.

All four embarked on the smuggling plan because they were in debt and were short of money, the court heard.

At first I thought this story would be something funny about some blokes that got too high on their own supply and fell off the boat and had to call the police or something. But after reading further it struct me that these guys are more victims of the war against the working class people of the world than notorious cartel-types. They have more to do with the average Joe than they do with anyone’s idea of a ‘drug gang’. Please don’t think I’m giving them a pass due to the color of their skin because I’m not.

Rather when I look closer at the details of the accused; a soon to be retired art teacher who was fearful of being unable to survive on his retirement pension; a divorcee who lives with his Mom; a man left bankrupt after a nasty legal dispute; and a disabled guy, I can’t help but to wonder if something other than pure greed caused them to decide to push weight on water. Someone’s wife has cancer and due to the conviction she will have to suffer through it without her husband.

I don’t know, I’m left feeling sad after reading this.

We have to change the laws about marijuana AND how we treat our working class people. There are two wars going on and regular folks are caught in the crossfire of both.

Is this REALLY a drug gang or is this another example of how everybody is left desperately scrambling for coins by making some really risky decisions?

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Author: TRJ

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