HighRoulette.com Might Be Worthy of Your Attention


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One thing always holds true when it comes to stoners—they love killing time.

For some, it might be playing Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” on repeat. And others, maybe it’s going on kill streaks in Call of Duty. The activity is irrelevant because the motive stays the same.

But there’s another thing that hold true for the stoner—they don’t like their own time being wasted while trying to kill time. That means avoiding hassles, obstacles and pretty much anything else that would blow a high.

So realizing that most stoners browse the web for hilarious videos when they just want to chill and do some mindless activity, the creators of HighRoulette.com thought about creating a go-to site for stoners where all the Internet browsing had already been done for them.

It’s hard to describe, but HighRoulette.com is essentially a random YouTube video player. But instead of the hit-or-miss experience you get from going on YouTube itself, there’s more hit because the editors handpick and filter out the weak videos before they even get to you.

If you’re out for laughs, there’s plenty to be had here. When you look through their channels you’ll find thousands of hours of categorized videos of things like cool bongs, clips that went viral, and even awesome cat videos! Honestly, who can resist an awesome cat video? OK, maybe some of you, but you get the point.

On top of that, they just redesigned the site and added a blog that includes stuff like new music you need to check out, along with the old jams you may have forgotten. Articles posted on the site deal with marijuana culture and news, including strain reviews for the more serious or curious smokers.

The content is updated daily, so it never gets old and will probably end up being one your favorites soon. Check it out.

Find more videos like this at HighRoulette.com:

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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