History of Ann Arbor’s Hash Bash

I’m sure you have heard of Ann Arbor’s legendary Hash Bash.  This is from an article by Robert Faber telling the story of how the Bash came to be.  I recommend the tale to you, and you can find it here.  This little taste comes from around the middle of the story:
“The city election a month earlier had brought to the Council two members of the Human Rights Party (HRP), a radical group of activist young rebels whose votes were necessary for passage of the Marijuana Ordinance. The proposal called for a penalty of $9, the lowest fine for criminal behavior currently on the city’s books, so presumably the least provocative. The HRP, however, had a different agenda and insisted on a fine of 25 cents.

We finally compromised at $5, which is where it stands today.

The town, not surprisingly, was split between the more conservative, older population and the general University of Michigan-oriented community of teachers, students and friends. The night of the council debate and final vote was tumultuous. The council chamber was packed with raucous community members from both sides of the issue, but given the political makeup of the council, the vote was predictably positive. The community reaction, however, was not.

Although the younger and university-connected members of the audience were pleased, the townspeople in attendance were furious and the yelling was long and loud. One member of the audience, for example, a very pleasant and friendly neighbor of mine, was so shaken by the passage of the ordinance that she ran up to me after the vote, crying bitterly and through her tears yelled, “Bob, you have ruined our city.”

(A very sad sidebar to this story was that not long afterward she became infected with a fatal form of cancer, leaving her in constant pain. I never knew the details, but I do recall that one of her daughters regularly made pans of cookies for her—laced with marijuana to help relieve that pain. My neighbor not only welcomed the gift, but learned to rely on it as her only effective source of relief. After about a year or so she did die from the cancer, but I recall her gratitude for the comfort meanwhile granted by her daughter’s cookies.)”
Enjoy the story.

[image: Google images Michigan]

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