History of Headphones (1919-2012) [Infographic]

Headphones might be the most important type of equipment you will ever need as a DJ, rapper or fan. If you’re not listening to your music with some of the best headphones then you are losing, big time! I can’t imagine not owning a pair of headphones that go over my entire ear. Nope, never will I let my life get so bad that I don’t own a pair of good headphones. I’ve seen some bunk ass looking headphones over my short lifetime. Those sketchy thin mental ones that came around when the Walkman came out. I hated those p.o.s so much. I thought the ear buds were Gods greatest gift but then found out it was actually girls in leggings. I have about 5 pairs of ear buds just because I feel like you can never have too many pairs for the on the go life. But if you love music and want your opinion taken seriously then you must have a pair of at least “good” headphones. Please spend more than $50 for me.

Don’t mind my random ramblings, I just love music a lot and want all people to hear it with the best quality. VoucherCodes.co.uk put together a nice infographic of the history of headphones. Starting in the early 1900’s to today’s era where Dre, 50 and Ludacris all have their own brand of headphones. They sure have come a long way in the last almost 100 years. Out of all the years, my favorite style has to be 1937 style headphones. I love that look they had back then and plus they go over your ears. That’s my favorite kind. Who knows how crazy headphones will get in the next 20 years. Spotted at Tech 2 Talk.

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  • celloguy11

    If you really love music, you have a pair of monitors, not just headphones. Listening to music on a nice pair of monitors while you're ripped totally transcends headphones.

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