HMJ Business News: Is the Cannabis Medical Solutions Name Change A Strategy Move to Gain Investors?

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Image Via Pot Images

The medical merchant payment company, Cannabis Medical Solutions, Inc has just announced that they have changed their name to MediSwipe, Inc. Now this may not seem very important to the average Joe, but since you’re not average, I know you realize what this strategy move indicates to those of us with a savvy business eye.

“As a result of our corporate name change to “MediSwipe Inc.,” allowing us to keep our present business model in place and at the same time expand into the overall mobile health and security sector, our business pipeline is stronger than it has ever been. I believe the coming months will prove to be the most successful and exciting time in the evolution of this company for our existing shareholders and new investors wishing to join our strategic plan to become a meaningful player within this sector,” stated B. Michael Friedman, CEO for MediSwipe Inc.

By changing it’s name from Cannabis Medical Solution to the vague MediSwipe, Inc the company may be clearing the way to compete for additional funding from those interested in investing in High Risk Merchant Accounts.

High Risk Merchant Accounts can be describes as companies who are in the business of providing payment services for industries that rely on red tape and vague legal practices to operate.

The ‘high risk’ of providing money and services to these industries means there is a big chance of a lucrative and generous payout, since there is less competition in the high risk market. However, due to the murky industries these companies operate in; there is also a great chance that these high risk industries can cease to exist due to a law, a war, or a police raid.

I keep an eye on the business side of medical marijuana because as we all know, the sooner corporations and big money get behind an ‘issue’ the easier it is for us consumers to get what we want.

Flat screen, diamonds, Clorox Bleach, medical marijuana….. if there’s a demand for it (money to be made) the corporations will find a way to supply it to us.

God (Buddha Bless) America….

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