HMJ Classics: “Blind Elders” Keep Coming

Another installment in the “Blind Elders” series.  Enjoy.


In the 1970’s the “war on drugs” was created in the mind of President Richard Nixon. This is the same President who continued the Vietnam war but created the Environmental Protection Agency and opened diplomatic relations with China. That odd mix in the man carried forward into the war on drugs which came to be despite of, and in the face of, all of these reports:
1970, The Canadian LeDain Commission Report — “Physical dependence to cannabis has not been demonstrated and it would appear that there are normally no adverse physiological effects . . . occurring with absence from the drug even in regular users.”

1972, National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse — “There is little proven danger of physical or psychological harm from the experimental or intermittent use of natural preparations of cannabis . . . Existing social and legal policy is out of proportion to the individual and social harm engendered by the drug.” HMJ explored this episode of the story earlier.

1972, The Dutch Baan Commission — “Cannabis does not produce tolerance or physical dependence. The physiological effects of the use of cannabis are of a relatively harmless nature.”

1977, Commission of the Australian Government — “One of the most striking facts concerning cannabis is that its acute toxicity is low compared with that of any other drugs . . . No major health effects have manifested themselves in the community.”

This story began last week with “Blind Elders Roll Call.” There is more to come.

The source of this material is the book, Marijuana Myths/Marijuana Facts, by Lynn Zimmer, Ph. D. and John Morgan, M.D., 1997. If you want the big picture in one short book, try this volume. Well written, well organized, easy to read and follow.

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