HMJ Classics: Kind Bud Primer — Trichomes

Kind Bud Primer is dedicated to the belief that there is always something new to learn about the cannabis plant. Kind Bud Primer, a HMJ project, is part of the College of Cannabis Knowledge. Go learn something.
The sinsemilla technique is practiced to grow big female flowers. It is primarily in the female flowers that THC, the stuff that gets you high, is found. The specific part of/on the female flower with the bulk of the THC is the “trichomes.” Trichomes come in (1) glandular and (2) non-glandular types. In the heads of the glandular trichomes is the THC. Glandular trichomes are most abundant on female flowers. Female flowers are why the sinsemilla technique was created.

Glandular trichomes are the little glistening towers sticking up all over that beautiful kind bud. Glandular trichomes make that bud look like it was rolled in sugar. Glandular trichomes is how and to-where the plant secretes resin, the essential oil of the cannabis plant. No matter the size of the cannabis plant, what we are looking for is in the tiny heads of those glandular trichomes. That’s where you find the THC.

If your bud has a fragrance and/or a taste, that aroma and flavor is in the oil. Lots of good stuff in those tiny, shiny heads. Does your grow room sometimes stink to high heaven? It’s the oil. As your unfertilized female plants mature [sinsemilla technique] the glandular trichomes on their surface grow and secrete aromatic THC laden resins. Yummy.

Back to earth: in the wild, the function of the resin is believed to be to keep insects from eating the mature plants. Insects, supposedly, don’t care for the taste. Are insects stupid? Someone should name a strain “insecticide.” No, bad name.

Last weeks “Kind Bud Primer” covered “THC,” and you can find that installment HERE.

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