HMJ Salutes Greg Gonzales

HMJ salutes Greg Gonzales, who, writing in The Arizona Daily Wildcat, calls for the legalization of cannabis:  Attend:


[The current mess] is a result of the recent federal crackdown, as dispensaries are raided by local and federal law enforcement, and owners are jailed. In Arizona, legislators writhed in fear for a whole year before actually beginning to implement the voter-approved medical marijuana law. The federal crackdowns are unfounded and insane, causing irrational panic, and need to come to a stop. We, the people, need to instigate a marijuana revolution.. . . Virginia . . . is already set to put marijuana legalization on the ballot this November. Also rolled up in the joint legalization effort are Colorado and Washington, which are both experiencing the same unchecked use of marijuana among their residents. These states are on track to pushing the feds to legalize marijuana . . . If you’re hell-bent on arresting people for smoking a flower and being relaxed, then this probably seems like a great achievement. However, most people are grounded in reality, where smoking weed doesn’t ruin the life of the user . . . With most states already set up with medical marijuana programs, it would seem that the federal government is the only group that doesn’t get the joke that is the War on Drugs. The government lost the war the second they declared it, and rightly so.

Every time another person comes out for cannabis, using their own name and not hiding, the scales shift again. We are at the tipping point. Exciting, isn’t it?

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