HMJ Salutes Mike Bianchi

Mike Bianchi is a sports writer.  In a column he decries the suspension of a Florida State football player for a marijuana offense.  It’s an interesting column which you can find HERE.  This is but a taste.  Enjoy:
“We look at alcohol like it’s not a problem,” FSU coach Jimbo Fisher said Sunday during an engrossing, emotional dialogue about substance abuse in college football. “Alcohol isn’t illegal, and I understand that, but I’ll tell you what, it causes as many deaths and bad circumstances as any other drug. But alcohol is accepted.”

Fisher looks around at the horde of media members: “What if somebody told everybody in this room that you can’t drink a beer again or you’re going to get fired?”

The fact is marijuana has become like Miller Lite for many college and professional athletes. Fisher has not stated a reason as to why Reid, a senior cornerback, was suddenly and shockingly dismissed from the team after a relatively minor marijuana offense. There has been rampant speculation that Reid may have surpassed FSU’s three-strikes-and-you’re-out university policy for testing positive for marijuana.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves in sports and society – why alcohol is legal and accepted and marijuana is not. As Fisher himself stated, alcohol is responsible for as much (actually more) death and destruction than marijuana or any other drug.

I’ve written it once and I’ll keep writing it: The legality of the two substances notwithstanding, nobody can deny that alcohol causes much more pain and suffering in sports than marijuana. Athletes don’t traditionally smoke marijuana and get behind the wheel of a car and kill people. Or smoke marijuana and beat up their girlfriends. Or smoke marijuana and get into bar fights. These are usually alcohol-related transgressions. For the most part, the carnage athletes administer after smoking pot is usually to a bag of Doritos or a box of Twinkies.

Obviously, marijuana, if abused, can lead to lead to more serious issues, but should it be demonized any more than alcohol or nicotine?
The kids came by to offer their salute, Mr. Bianchi. Thanks for understanding.

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