Product Review: HMJ Tests the V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer

There is a lot of choice in today’s vaporizer market.  When you go shopping don’t miss this one.


In a time of increasingly selective tools for the consumption of cannabis, here is a vaporizer designed for multiple-consumables. The Series 7 has separate bowls for loose leaf (their word), e-liquids and “waxes.” My Series 7 arrived with e-liquid and loose leaf bowls. A “wax” bowl for the Series 7 may not currently be available.

Charging is guided by lights around the activation button and at the base of the device. They flash when charging and turn from red to green as full charge is reached. Hold the activation button for three or more seconds and the heating element comes on. Lights at the base turn green at desired temperature. The device turns off with the same command or allow the auto-shut off to take over. The automatic shut-off time varies depending upon what materials is being vaped.

In a clever application of technology, the choice of bowl (choice of consumable) informs the device which then sets an optimal temperature. If your personal preference is different that change is easy to make. Press the activation button twice, fast, and lights will guide you to a new setting. One of my tests is to first use whatever temp the device suggests, then mess with the settings myself to see how hard or easy it is to fly, only then to decide on my choice of temp on this device. The Series 7 made that journey easy. I appreciate easy.

The charging cord has both USB and wall socket connections, a nice touch. The charging cord hooks to the device magnetically turning charging into an instant of play. I get too little play on any given day. There is a cleaning kit and screens for loose leaf. There are a selection of flavored liquids to vape if so desired (pass). While a bowl for “wax” was not provided an appropriate tool for working in wax was. There is a small, simple, printed user guide included.

The device is the size and weight of a small flashlight. It is not heavy but does have a presence in the hand. Fits the hand easily. This device would not be conspicuous if slipped into pocket or purse. It never hurts to use discretion.

I like this device.

Visit the V2Pro Series 7 Vaporizer.

[image: Google images “V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer”

Visit the V2Pro Series 7 Vaporizer by clicking on the banner.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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  • Nuggitz734 Bud

    The V2 Pro Series 7 is a big ripoff. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE BLATANT RIP OFFS.

    I purchased a series 7 a month ago. My main use for this vape is dry leaf. After about a week the leaf cartridge broke. There are two tiny plastic catches on the plastic cap that attach the mouthpiece to the cartridge. They are tiny and fragile. After minimal use, one side will invariably break off.

    The first time it broke (in a week’s time), they told me the carts weren’t under warranty, but they replaced it anyway. The customer service rep at V2 told me he had to replace two of his already. The red flags were up. V2 sent me a “free” replacement cart.

    Here it is a few weeks later and the second cart has malfunctioned in the same exact way. I called V2 and 2 things happened:

    They informed me that I would have to purchase a new cartridge and that mine was an isolated problem. That is an outright lie. The design and manufacture of the cap is flawed. The catches as well as the whole cap are not made of the right materials and are too flimsy to last. Under the constant heat and cooling they simply break.

    They did offer me a discount on a replacement cart, but that would be spending good money after bad. They unabashedly told me I was out of luck.

    They have hoodwinked this reviewer and others on the Internet.

    I will be posting, emailing and complaining about this for as long as V2 refuses to stand behind their product. It was a good idea that is fatally flawed.

    • Bill Landreth

      Just wondering how you got one so soon. I like mine but so far it seemed to burn out or the battery instantly goes to zero. It doesn’t always work to use a USB laptop as “advertised”. I think I may be asking for warranty service as well.Hours of charging has not seemed to revive it. Well you seem to be the very first owner of a series 7….

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