HMJ Tests White Rhino’s “Hylo” Vape

Just as the cannabis world is devolving into friendly sects — the flower people and those who prefer concentrates — each sect’s tools are becoming more specialized. That’s been well demonstrated here at the HMJ test kitchens by White Rhino’s Hylo Vaporizer. It’s a valuable lesson. If your (current) taste runs to concentrates — your shatters, budders, honeycomb, supermelt, waxes, crumble, bubblehash, old-fashioned sifted hash — then, when the time comes to re-equip your tool chest, you should get to know the Hylo.

About the size of a flashlight and ridiculously lightweight, this vaporizer fits the hand nicely. The initial warm-up time is less than a minute and it offers true one-handed control. Operation is simple, which, if you are like me, is what you want. One of my little “tests” of new devices is how quickly I no longer need the instruction booklet. The Hylo gets high marks for ease of learning how to use.

I like a vaporizer that loads a distinct bowl (or somesuch) away from the device. The Hylo offers three different bowls — one for oil, another for waxy oils, and a third for dry herb. Fill your bowl, remove the mouthpiece on the device, drop in the bowl, replace the mouthpiece, turn it on, it heats up and there you go.

Here’s where the Hylo expresses an affinity for concentrates. The automatic shut off occurs at a rather quick 3 minutes. If you are doing any concentrated material that’s more than enough time and the bowl is more than adequately sized. If the concentrate is of quality you won’t feel any need to reload your bowl for a while.

If you are consuming dry herb the provided bowl is fairly called a one- hitter. Then, with a ten-minute cool down before you want to be touching the bowl . . . what? For all its advantages with concentrates, I would say this is not the device you want if you are a flower child by nature.

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Available in a wide choice of colors, comes complete with all the support tools you would need, and it’s packaging is intended as the place to keep everything findable when needed — another plus.

I like this device. 


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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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