HMJ X SXSW Music Festival So Far

The SXSW trip started off wildly.  The whole trip was arranged and sponsored by friend and fellow activist Pete from Weed World Candies. Semi and I had to fly out at 5:55 am and we were set to meet Trait Razor in Austin.  I arrived at Semi’s place at 3 am after packing until about 11 pm.  We had a ride to the airport set but when it came time to do it she backed out.  We ended up having to get a Lyft and then Semi realized that she left her ID with a friend who was in the Hollywood Hills.  We had to ask the Lyft driver to take her and bring her back.  She literally got back within minutes of the flight check in closing up.  

We arrived in Dallas but had issues with our rental car.  We had a liaison who brought us to a place that she claimed had a the best burgers in Texas.  They were also weed friendly.

 We got a bus and got into Austin late.  Pete, our friend from Weed World Candies scooped us and has been nothing but cordial.  We even got to ride our around in his weed van.

We are rolling around Austin, TX in a big ass weed van. This #SXSW trip is getting crazy already… Lets go!!!

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Met this awesome band playing on the street later that evening.

The next day we got our badges and explored most of the day.  We ended up seeing a cool sign for the movie premiering here called “Rolling Papers,” and we ended up getting to watch the movie and we didn’t even have film badges.

Currently watching #RollingPapers at #SXSW #HMJ #weshouldsmoke #w420 #hightimes

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Then we got the opportunity to see Zoe Kravitz kill it with her band Lolawolf.

Then we checked my friends shows at Lose Control Austin.  I put you guys on game about that the other day.  Make sure you guys check that out if you are down here.

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This is like day 1 and half.  More craziness coming tomorrow.  

6th at madness at #SXSW

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