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#HMJKushmas Giveaway Series


The grand Kushmas season is upon us!  We’re blazing the trees in celebration with the 1st Annual HMJ Kushmas Giveaway.

Everyday we announce a new awesome prize we’re giving away on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. All you have to do is join us on your favorite social channels to win! Here are the rules:

– Follow/Like HailMaryJane on InstagramTwitterFacebook or Tumblr and find the Gift of the Day on our feed.
– Share/Repost/RT/Reblog/Comment on the giveaway photo using #HMJKushmas
– You can also comment on this blog post to be entered to win!
Each day we will randomly pick a different winner from a different social network before we announce the next prize so keep your eyes posted!
Day 9:
For tonight’s #HMJKushmas Giveaway we have an awesome surprise gift pack from our friends over at Oil Slick Pad.Oil Slick is a company dedicated to providing material solutions to the unique needs of the concentrate market. Make sure you check out Oil Slick Pad for all your oil, wax, hash & concentrate needs!

Find the image below on TwitterFacebookTumblr or Instagram and use #HMJKushmas to enter to win!
Day 8:
We’re keeping the holiday spirit going with today’s prize from professional oil painter & cannabis artist Cathy Lee!  We’re giving away 2 of her more notable  “Sea of Purps” art pieces, Ganja stickers, Blue Dream post cards & more.
She is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to put together a marijuana-themed art series of oil paintings to be exhibited at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup San Francisco on June 21, 2014. She has all of her amazing artwork listed on there as percs for donating.  Click here for more details: http://kck.st/1cVvMmo
Check out some of the artwork you could win below & more on Etsy.
Find the image below on TwitterFacebookTumblr or Instagram and use #HMJKushmas to enter to win!
Day 7:
Today’s prize is a gold skull glass piece from Excellent Pipes.
Find the image below on TwitterFacebookTumblr or Instagram and use #HMJKushmas to enter to win!
Day 6:

It’s Day 6 of the #HMJKushmas Giveaway and we’re still going!!!

Today’s prize is this awesome clear glass piece from Excellent Pipes.

Find the image below on TwitterFacebookTumblr or Instagram and use #HMJKushmas to enter to win!

Day 5:
For Day 5 of the HMJ Kushmas Giveaway we have a Dope Fam That Loud Crewneck. Dope Fam is an awesome Urban Streetwear brand with gear especially made for the stylish stoner. They also have a kick ass Instagram too!
Find the image below on TwitterFacebookTumblr or Instagram and use #HMJKushmas to enter to win!
Day 4: 
Today we are giving away an awesome glass accessory prize package from our friends at Pipe Dream Pipe Clean, Pipe Wipes & Elevated Concepts’ Lighter Buddy!
Pipe Dream Pipe Clean is a water based non toxic glass cleaner good for getting all the gook out. Pipe Wipes are perfect for keeping glass clean on the go
Pipe Wipes are a uniquely designed cleaning pad which enable you to keep your piece clean on the go. They are perfect for keeping glass clean and hygienic while sharing with friends.
The Lighter Buddy is one of the coolest glass piece accessories I’ve seen in a while. It’s perfect for storing your lighter & dab tools directly on your glass so you’re always ready to go.  No more franticly searching for that lighter you just had. 
Find the image below on TwitterFacebookTumblr or Instagram and use #HMJKushmas to enter to win!
Day 3:
Today’s #HMJKushmas Prize is the Kargo Straight Bundle from 420 Science. The bundle includes a Straight Stemless Kargo glass piece from 420 Science plus cleaning accessories to keep your new glass sparkling & hygienic.  The unique thing about this piece, by Stephan Peirce, is that there’s a built in jar!
[420 Science] teamed up with visionary artist Stephan Peirce to create a line of tubes unlike anything you’ve seen before. 
The built-in jar provides a dual function. In addition to storage, the chamber creates a gentle swirling effect that aerates and cools the smoke. This results in a pleasing and refreshing hit. Kargo is made on 75x5mm heavy wall tubing and comes with a 4 ounce jar built into every pipe to store your favorite herbs
Find the image below on TwitterFacebookTumblr or Instagram and use #HMJKushmas to enter to win!
Day 2:
Today’s #HMJKushmas gift is the Toking on the Go Travel Pack including:
7. [amazon_link id=”B006F97Q70″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Cones King Size[/amazon_link] & [amazon_link id=”B00F3G1MPS” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Regular Size Pre-Rolls[/amazon_link]
Find the image below on TwitterFacebookTumblr or Instagram and enter to win!
Day 1: 
The Limited Edition Snowman Bong from WaterBongsGlassPipes.com. What better way to bring in the Holidays than with this cheerful Pyrex glass Snowman toking by your side. WaterBongsGlassPipes.com has a wide variety of customizable glass to comfort any smokers tastes.
Made of thick and durable Pyrex glass. Equipped with a rubber grommet bowl and a carb hole. Plus, Free glass screens with every bong.
You can also purchase your own personalized Snowman Bong with custom letters for the Holidays here!
Find the image on TwitterFacebookTumblr or Instagram and enter to win!

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    I didnt win on my birthday but i’m feeling lucky today lol! #HMJKushmas

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    Would lve to win some of these goodies. Mery Kushmas and happy HoliDaze.

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    Sweet giveaway! Good luck to all!

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    I would love to enter somehow. My boyfriend and I recently moved and his whole duffle bag of bongs saved threw the years was stolen and all his g pens we had gotten sense we have been together. It was really sad every pipe he had once owned was stolen. So he is smoke gearless ATM!! An if I could win anything for him an surprise him. It’d be super amazing.

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    #1HMJKushmas I wanna b the first stoner In my family 2 ever win anything

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