How cannabis oil extract is destined for great things

Few things can have such a polarizing effect in modern times as that of cannabis. For some people, it’s a simple and fun way to relax, and for others, it’s the menace that threatens to bring our nation to its knees.


However, the tide seems to slowly be turning, as no less than four states in the U.S. currently allow the recreational use of marijuana. And what’s really interesting is that as well as its undisputed, relaxing tendencies, the use of cannabis oil extract can even have surprising health benefits, too.



For nearly 10,000 years, there has been evidence of humans using cannabis for medical purposes. In ancient China, scholars repeatedly claimed how the use of cannabis oil could alleviate symptoms of constipation, gout and rheumatism. And the famous Irish physician, William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, did much to popularize the benefits of medical marijuana in the late 19th century by highlighting the powers of the plant to relieve muscular spasms.


However, it was with the rise of the counterculture in the 1960s and 1970s that the benefits of marijuana really rose to prominence. Leading cultural figures such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan made the mind-expanding appeal of marijuana more acceptable to mainstream tastes.


Similarly, film icons like Cheech and Chong presented a familiar and humorous side to the recreational aspects of the drug. Their fame even led to them having a dedicated slot game at, where gamers could enjoy all of their favorite motifs from the film while chasing the next lucrative payout. Interestingly, medical marijuana has been found to aid concentration which could be particularly beneficial when playing such games, but it’s the drug’s ability to fight serious diseases that is most illuminating.


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Many cannabis oil crusaders, such as Rob Ruckas, have taken on the establishment by illustrating how beneficial the intake of cannabis oil can be in fighting cancer. Ruckas has been instrumental in highlighting how the likes of Richard Nixon used his powers to quash the scientific research into how eating cannabis oil could dramatically attack cancerous cells in the body, while strengthening the healthy cells.


Such research also illustrated that American drug companies have colluded with Nixon’s plans by sidelining such information in order to further their own pharmaceutical brand’s dominance over the highly-lucrative medical market.


However, with the rise of the Internet giving the public the chance to learn more about this powerful plant, it seems that the tide could be turning. And with a further 11 U.S. states set to legalize marijuana, it looks like we could soon be enjoying the wonderful health benefits of this controversial drug.


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Author: HMJ Staff

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