How I felt when I went to buy a bong online

I wanted to write an article about the experience I had when I went to buy a bong for the first ever time. I wanted to share my experience and a few things I learnt about bongs, percolators and pre-coolers. Don’t worry I didn’t know what a ‘percolator’ was either, (Until I went online to a bong shop that is!).
So, it was my friend, Martins birthday coming up. We’ve smoked marijuana together for a long time. We generally just smoke joints together but I know that Martin has a couple of glass and plastic bongs that he uses at home. He’s told me that he prefers using these over joints, especially his glass one, as he says the cooler the smoke is the smoother it feels. This made me wonder if there were any other ways to cool the smoke in a bong. Martin had told me that he’d bought his bongs from an online shop…so I thought I’d start my research here.
I went online to a head shop to find bongs for sale for Martin, but what I saw made my jaw drop! I wanted to just buy a cool bong, but I was met with all these crazy names such as percolators and pre-coolers. Whilst looking through the website I came across the word ‘percolator’ in a lot of the descriptions. There seemed to be different kinds of crazy percolators too, all in different shaped bongs. I was completely confused; I had no idea what affect any of these things would have on the smoke! When I looked further into this, I learnt that a bong with a percolator inside would be the perfect present for my friend.

What actually is a Percolator?

A percolator is an intricate glass partition in a bong or bubbler that takes the smoke and splits it several ways in an attempt to run the smoke over a larger surface area of the glass helping it to cool, it also gets smoothened out once it is split multiple ways, several times.
There are different kinds of percolator bongs for sale, each altering the temperature of the smoke to a different degree. There are Spiral percolators, Keg percolators, Tree percolators – just to name a few, but there are many, many more. They come in all different varieties.
Equipped with my new found knowledge and understanding of percolator bongs, I began to look for the best one for Martin. After comparing the different types of percolator bongs for sale I knew I wanted to get a Tree percolator bong as I thought this would give maximum cooling to the smoke. When looking at them all online, in general I thought the spiral ones looked more appealing; my only worry was that these wouldn’t smoothen and cool the smoke down as much as the Tree percolators.
Whilst wondering which bong I should buy from the head shop, I came across an accessory called a ‘Pre-cooler’. I had a look into what to do with one and to my amusement it sounded like a solution to being worried about Martin being able to have the smoke in his bongs at optimum coolness. Not only would Martin be able to use this on his new percolator bong, but on his others too!

What actually is a Pre-cooler?

A pre-cooler is an additional water chamber that uses a glass on glass joint to connect to a bong, it removes tar and other unhealthy stuff from the smoke, it also smoothens the smoke even further and often incorporates the previously mentioned percolator.
I decided on which glass percolator bong and pre-cooler to buy online and placed my order! Another thing that added to my excitement when purchasing the bong was that I could get next day delivery. This was ideal, as Martins birthday was only a few days away!
I remembered what my friend had told me about how the cooler the smoke is the easier it is to inhale. This got me thinking about pre-coolers…as pre means before maybe I could have a pre-pre cooler or even a pre-pre-pre cooler! As the coolers are attachments the possibilities are endless! These combined with the other integrated percolators and a percolator bong could make for an amazing smoking experience. I also thought, maybe you have a normal glass bong and you want a smoother smoking experience by using a percolator bong, but you don’t want to spend out on a whole new pipe, so you just add a percolator pre-cooler!
So, there’s my bong buying experience! I hope this enlightens some of you on what kind of pipes you can currently buy online! Martin was very happy with his new unique bong and pre cooler.

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Author: HMJ Staff

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