How Much Do You Pay for an Ounce?


Floating Sheep did this infographic about the cost of weed across America for the September issue of Wired magazine.

If I did* buy herb in bulk, the range of prices I might* have encountered for an ounce (or “zip” in the parlance of my childhood) during my life may* range from…

$100 for an ounce of schwag to $450 for “like totally the headiest nuggets south of the Mason-Dixon line bruh,”

I wasn’t happy about either “deal,” nor did I take them up on the offer.**

*Everything I write on this site is hypothetical (I’ve dated a lawyer before).

**I lied–I bought the schwag because I was in high school and I loved rolling blunts, but was frugal broke enough, I wasn’t going to waste BC nugget in a cracked Phillie (which should give you a tip about where I’m from).

pic via Floating Sheep

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Author: Tyrel

Annoyed about writing my biographical information. but here you are.

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