How Much Time Has The NYPD Wasted On Marijuana Possession Charges?

Dr. Harry Levine, Professor of Sociology at Queens College and an expert on marijuana possession arrests, has released his study of police hours contributed to marijuana possession charges. The report has found that the NYPD has used an estimate of 1 million hours of police time to serve 444,000 marijuana possession tickets in the past 11 years.

1 million hours have been spent on arresting marijuana users in NYC. Sit back, think about it and react to that. 11 years is equivalent to only 96423.9 hours. If my calculations are right, the NYPD was arresting a marijuana user every two minutes.

The report also showed that people arrested for marijuana have spent an estimate 5,000,000 hours in police custody. That goes for holding cells and jail time. A civil rights organizer with VOCAL-NY named Alfredo Carrasquillo, had these words to say.

“We cannot afford to continue arresting tens of thousands of youth every year for low-level marijuana possession. We can’t afford it in terms of the negative effect it has on the future prospects of our youth and we can’t afford in terms of police hours. It’s shocking that the same mayor who has been taking money away from youth programs and cutting other social services, is wasting tens of millions of dollars locking youth up through the NYPD’s marijuana arrests crusade. We need legislative action to fix this madness.


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