How Much $ We Talkin’ About?

HMJ covers news from the medical marijuana world, but we seldom run across a story displaying the financial potential of a legal medical marijuana world.  Imagine the economy in a world of re-legalized adult access to the cannabis plant?  A whole subterranean economy turned up to grow in the light.  Cannabis plants love the light.  The more the better.  Here are some numbers to inform your brain:
“In the two homes, they found cash stuffed everywhere: in buckets in the garage and attic, in an Igloo cooler in a bedroom, under a mattress, on an ironing board, in a dresser. According to a search warrant affidavit filed in November, they recovered more than $700,000. Let me remind everyone it is the federal government who has denied banking services to the mmj industry. I get tired of the feds complaining of situations they caused

“At the shop, investigators found spreadsheets showing sales over 10 months totaled $3.17 million, according to the affidavit, with $2.47 million “cash on hand.” A subsequent raid of one of Walker’s properties recovered a Beretta handgun, a shotgun, a Chinese AK-47 with a bayonet and grocery bags filled with four dozen rubber-banded bundles of cash; one of the bags contained a note with calculations totaling $99,324. When you can’t put your money in a bank you may feel the need to have a weapon. Now one bad thought has led to another bad thought. See how it works?

“Records from a Granada Hills dispensary showed sales revenue topping $10,000 on many days. Spreadsheets from a Long Beach operation indicated the owners bought $247,040 worth of marijuana and sold it in the next five months for $776,589. A state Board of Equalization investigator testified that the pair sold a total of $1,672,206 that year and reported only $206,980 to the tax agency. A Venice-area dispensary’s bookkeeping revealed it did about $5.1 million in sales in just over a year. One month’s total was $468,331 — with $154,493 in “total profit.” Another’s profit was $116,625, after a $25,382 payment to the owner. In North Hollywood, the two partners behind NoHo Caregivers emailed encrypted messages estimating they would each make $194,000 a month in profit, according to a federal indictment.
That seems an amazing amount of money to keep in an illegal enterprise. Especially an enterprise that is illegal only because of fear and lies. It time to fix an old mistake.

This is part of a longer and excellent article and you can find it here.

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