How to be a Responsible Grown-up Who Uses Weed

Being a grown-up is much better than many people are led to believe. In general, you can do what you want, when you want, and there’s no one to stop you. But, there are downsides to being an adult, including many responsibilities that take up time and energy. For the marijuana enthusiast, these can be especially trying. Until recently, you couldn’t be very open about cannabis use, at least if you had anything resembling a conventional lifestyle or career.


However, that’s starting to change, even since Colorado passed it’s cannabis laws. Marijuana use is becoming a lot more respectable, and as the industry changes, it will impacts things like careers, families and even insurance. With so many changes happening, it’s all possible in a way that didn’t even use to be socially acceptable. But, in each of these cases, it’s important to know how to take advantage of new freedom appropriately and respectfully. We’ll look at the big three.


  1. Marijuana and Work. If you live in a state with liberal cannabis laws, it’s likely that you can legally work with THC in your bloodstream, one way or another. If this is the case, your employer can’t say anything about it. But, that’s not stopping some bosses from making a stink about marijuana, despite the way laws are not moving in its favor. Whatever your personal situation, it’s always good to respect your place of work, even if you are technically allowed to not be respectful. This includes not being impaired on the job, not smelling of cannabis, not using contraband or language which might offend a less liberated co-worker, and in every case, being professional and above reproach. You are a professional; your employer and co-workers don’t need to know you love weed, even if they can’t fire you if you use it.
  2. Marijuana and Family. Marijuana use gets tricky for people with more conservative politics, families, or for those of us with children. Should your kids see you smoke? Should you mention your affinity for bud at Thanksgiving dinner? In general, respectful transparency works pretty well among family, at least as long as individual family members can “handle the truth.” In some situations, it’s better to leave marijuana unmentioned. In other cases, it can actually be of benefit for children to see adults using drugs responsibly. If you choose to smoke, vape, or eat your way into an altered state of mind around your children, make sure your behavior is appropriate and caring.
  3. Marijuana and Insurance. Marijuana, like all substances you consume, may cause you to pay more in insurance costs. But, you shouldn’t lie about it either. For one, you are likely to be discovered, and you don’t want to deal with insurance fraud. Also, the risk far outweighs the benefit. Even if you pay more to be an out-and-about insured smoker, it likely won’t be much more, and new legislation is changing these cost considerations in your favor.


So, do what you do, but do it thoughtfully. It’s possible for two people to use exactly the same amount and kind of marijuana, but get different social results depending on their attitude and actions. Set a positive examples for potheads everywhere.

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Author: HMJ Staff

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