Vlog: How to Get Stoned and See Into the Future!

A video response to a pot smoker who believes the herb is making her psychic.

Thank you so much! I will try and quickly share my personal story.

I love smoking but sometimes I get really intense and frightening deja vu. I think that the events around me have either happened before, or that they are memories that my mind has blocked and i am now recalling them in real time. Sometimes I think that I am sent this intellectual insight because what i am remembering is the day that I die. Two theories to explain this are that perhaps the afterlife consists of us simply remembering that day over and over and over again or essentially that I am “recalling” these events because I am supposed to change them and save my life, and that this deja vu is intuition from a greater power of sorts through a kind of crack in the space time continuum.

I have finished stories I knew nothing about and have predicted who was going to enter the room. Trying to stop this sensation, i told someone what I was feeling and that I was basically freaking balls. I thought confronting it might make it stop but the feeling didnt subside until i wasnt high anymore.

I have mixed up my strains, method of smoking, and surroundings and the weird feelings still happen. I would love to keep smoking but just wish I could toke peacefully. Thanks

– Mary, Illinois

*** To be clear, these are just my high thoughts. I don’t believe in my “theories” or “intuition”. Also, I have NEVER experienced this sober.

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Author: Bryan Basamanowicz

Bryan Basamanowicz makes his living in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a Marijuana Paranoia Management Coach. He wrote a book on his practice-- you can check it out at ParanoidHuman.Com Follow Marijuana Paranoia Management Coaching on twitter facebook

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  • ThGr8Dstryr

    Dude, handle your shit.

    • Bryan Basamanowicz

      Indeed, I'm making a profession of handling my shit. What are you up to?

  • roy

    life is circles with same experiences over again, in different ways, same emotions, you choose how to handle it with your experience. just one theory of many

  • roy

    you complete your experience in a new way, you reach a new level of life, perhaps

    • Bryan Basamanowicz

      I tend to agree with this and think that if you learn to approach it in a way that is non-threatening, non-traumatic, you can actually uncover great value in psychotomimetic experience. This is not really a new idea. In the heat of the culture wars of the 1960s, there was more speculation and academic (often very high-level) interest in applying cannabis and other psychedelics to the pursuit of mental health.

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