How to “Legally” Grow Over 6 Plants in Colorado

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What, you thought you could only grow 6 marijuana plants in Colorado?

Why… because that’s the number that both Amendment 20 and Amendment 64 mention?

Well, that’s what I assumed as well, but I should have known there was something wrong with that assumption when I saw higher-priced doctor recommendations, for higher plant counts, when I went to get my “red card”, which just arrived in the mail the other day. ūüėȬ† Now, I didn’t know about this tricky little gray area when I went to get my recommendation, but you may want to try this out when you get yours…


You can actually get your doctor to “extend” your plant count to WAY more than 6 measly plants, by mentioning one simple thing during your visit… that you like to consume your medication orally.¬† That’s right; if you mention that you really only partake of sweet Mary Jane in the form of edibles, then there’s a good chance that your doctor will recommend that you are allowed to grow more than 6 plants.¬† How many?¬† I’ve talked to quite a few people who have¬†a plant count of 20!¬† Just keep in mind that your doctor visit might cost you a little more, if you opt to go this route, but it also means the amount you can have in your possession is increased as well.


Well, if you really do eat a lot of edibles, it’ll probably take a lot more than 6 plants (with only 3 of them flowering) to actually make enough edibles to get you by every day.¬† And your doctor is there to recommend you get the medication you need, in a form that is agreeable to you.¬† Your doctor’s not going to force you to smoke it!


But remember that this is in a bit of a legal gray area at the moment, and you could end up going to court over having more than 6 plants growing in your house.¬† But don’t let that scare you too much, because a lot of doctors are willing to go to court for their patients, which is probably why you’re charged more for your increased plant count… you know, just in case. ūüėČ

And you actually do have a chance of beating any charges brought¬†against you, especially with your doctor backing you up, because if you take a look at section 4a and 4b¬†of Amendment 20 you’ll find that, “A patient may engage in the medical use of marijuana, with no¬†more marijuana than is medically necessary to address a debilitating¬†medical condition.” … “For quantities of marijuana in excess of these amounts [2 oz/ 6 plants], a patient or his or her primary care-giver may raise as an affirmative defense to charges of violation of state law that such greater amounts were medically necessary to address the patient’s debilitating medical condition.”

So, yes they did give you an average plant count, but they also make it obvious that they realize 6 plants won’t be enough for everyone and every condition.¬† They pretty much show you which route to take, if you ever end up in court for these reasons and, if you really do have a need for more than 6 plants, you might walk out of the courtroom with all charges dropped.

Sure, it seems like a hassle to go through court, but who says anyone is going to find out that you have 20 plants growing in your house and have a problem with it?¬† I mean, most people don’t tell the whole world all the details about what they’re growing, and the people who you would tell are going to be just as anxious to test out the finished product as you.¬† Now, I can understand if some people are reluctant to tiptoe into this gray area, but there are many people in Colorado who are already tap dancing all over it, and no one’s even attempting to slap them on the wrist.

Choose your own weedventure.

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