How To Make Weed Brownies

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So a couple of weeks ago my friends and I got it in our heads we wanted to get high. Simple enough right? Well we wanted to change things up a bit, so we all agreed to make some bud brownies. Using a recipe I found here (that website fuckin’ rules!!) we got all of our ingredients together and made them.

Here are the pics of the process:

About 4 gs.. afro pic used to show scale..however that’s worded.

all ground up… dime used to show scale (again)

Cooked it on a low flame per the directions for about 30 minutes. Played a couple of hands of Hold ‘Em. I was winning. Life was good.

After it was done cooking, strained it using a coffee filter and a measuring cup… the recipe called for a third of oil (IIRC). Still up in Hold ‘Em.

A friend stirring the ingredients.. we moved on to listening to music.

Before 325 degrees for 50 minutes

After 350 degress for 55 minutes (an extra 5 for good measure)

End product: half a bar got me good n baked.

If it were easier for me I’d cook more often. The high hits you in about an hour; you’re mind’s clear but your body is just slow and you just feel really, really good. Happy trails.

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Author: JV420

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  • Fun stuff man. I've only made them once before and used my vaped remains. I forgot all the thc was gone and only CBD was left, so I got stooonnnned 😀

    One trick that I was told to try and it worked great was to use a double boiler method to cook the bud with the oil. Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about, but everyone I've talked to swears by it.

  • Laine

    I really wanna try this but I absolutely LOVE your afro pic… Peace!