How To Roll A Crossjoint [Diagram]

Here is a great chart that will show the newbie smokers how to roll a cross joint. Personally I am not a fan of J's but if I am going to smoke one, smoking one of these is not a bad option.



Author: Lenny

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  1. I don't get it. Why only one hole in the smaller joint? How is the smoke from your big joint's first half going to travel to the end?

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    • The diameter of the larger joint should be significantly greater than the diameter of the smaller joint at the point of intersection. The smoke from the large joint is allowed to travel around the small joint into your mouth and also from the hole in the small joint.

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  2. Mark you just answered your question.

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  3. Worked out Perfect!!!! Thanks, Botha…

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  4. Omg are u serious I swear people will do amything when bored I thought there was only one way to roll one and that was the original the tube looking way wow hit me up on how to grow it too.

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