How To Survive Drinking Bong Water

the-bong_545x409shkl If you are one of the many stoners who have been fooled by your friends about effectiveness of getting high off of that bong water or you are just curious what it might be like to try that water, make sure you check out this small survival guide. Friends don't let friends drink bong water.  Go--------------------->

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Author: Lenny

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  1. Nasty……very nasty. a friend spilled some bong water in my car and getting the smell out was very difficult…finally used Oxy-clean.

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  2. dont drink….u will get infections….vaginal infections too…true believe me…made a mistake myself out of curiosity…suffered 2 weeks bedridden with sores at vagina

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  3. Sounds like an std not bong water to me

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  4. Bacteria grows in that shit

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  5. i just drunk a milk carton full of bong water thats 1 month old and it tastes so nice

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